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Metal Stampings

HN Tool & Die is a full service metal stamping, metal products and metal forming company.  We have in our tooling department the equipment to build, maintain and inspect the dies and tooling that is required to manufacture your parts on our punch press machines or four-slide machinery.

There is such a multitude of parts in so many different sizes, shapes and materials that we can only give you a small sample of what we do:

Clips  •  Connector Pins  •  Collars  •  Clamps  •  Contacts
Brackets  •  Retainer Clips  •  Spring Clips  •  Rings  •  Hooks
Hangers  •  Hinges  •  Hex Wrenches

These are only a small sample of the categories of parts we can produce:

  • Single Stroke Applications
  • Pick & Place Production
  • Conventional Press Operating
  • Stampings using State-of-the-Art Progressive Dies
    and Reel-to-Reel Equipment

We offer competitive prices, SPC quality control and quick manufacturing lead times.

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